Shelter for homeless animals "PIF"

Donetsk city, Ukraine

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The main problem of the volunteer movement is that there are not enough of volunteers. After all due to the number of volunteers and their activity depends the success of volunteer activities, the main purpose of which is to create decent living conditions for animals and search new owners for them.

Such activity is entirely voluntary. Volunteers become people who are willing to take an active part in the life of animals from a shelter and to give them a love and a human care until the animals have not found a new home. Each volunteer does what he can, on what he has time, resources and desire.

The main directions of volunteers’ activities in our Foundation are:

• Taking care of animals from the shelter: helping in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed dog type (external examination, grooming, combing, cutting claws)

• Assistance during medical procedures: injections, annual vaccination;

• Socialization of dogs: to train walking on a leash; to trust people again; to show life outside the cage, adapting the dogs to the conditions of the urban environment

• Finding a new home for socialized dogs

• Dissemination of information about the activities of our foundation and needs of the shelter

• Checking the living conditions of dogs who found a new family

• Photo and video of animals, assembling of the footage

• Copywriting (composing ad text)

• Posting messages on the Internet and the media, on billboards

• Helping in the organization and implementation of social and charity projects

• Helping to repair dog-houses

• Overexposure of animals for a period of their rehabilitation.

If you want to become a volunteer of our shelter, call or write:

+38 050 5493399 The administrator of Donetsk City Charity Foundation "PIF" every day from 09.00 till 17.00.

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