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Donetsk city, Ukraine

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Step 1. Look pets album on the site of our shelter dogs, read the description, define your favorite dog.

Step 2. Discuss your decision with family members. Very good if all family members will glad to get a dog, and if necessary, will be able to insure you if you are sick, stay at work, etc., if they can help you with walking the dog and taking care of the dog. If you have pets at home, keep in mind that not all animals get along with each other, so be ready to spend some time and efforts to make sure that your pets became friends.

Step 3. Consider the decision to the last detail! If you want to take a dog for the first time you have to consult with people who already have a dog, let them talk about the difficulties and problems they encountered when acquired of a pet. Make sure that you and your family members are not allergic to dogs. Remember that the animal is a certain material costs - dogs need good nutrition, annual vaccination and treatment for fleas and worms on a certain schedule.

If an animal is sick, then the treatment can be expensive. You might also need some lessons with a cynologist that may also require certain costs. To avoid returning the dog back to the shelter please rate all of your chances.

Step 4. A trip to a shelter. Bring along snacks to make familiarity with the dog more interesting. Do not forget to bring your passport. You should have time to meet with the dog and make all necessary paperwork. When you choose a dog it will be better to come to it in about two or three days, so give yourself another opportunity to weigh and consider. Pay special attention to issues related to the future health of your dog.

You will not be offered to take the dog from a shelter which is currently undergoing treatment. However you should take in mind that many of the dogs lived in awful conditions before they got to the shelter and this could not but affect their health.

Step 5. Adoption. You need to bring your passport and be ready to sign an agreement of the transfer of a dog from a shelter to you. You also need a collar and a leash. After reading the agreement you have to sign it with all agreement conditions.

Under the agreement conditions a staff of the shelter, volunteers, caretakers have the right to visit the dog to see dog's living conditions, to evaluate its physical and psychological condition after some time passes.

You can indicate that the dog is on "trial period". In any case, you retain the right to return the dog back. But we very much hope that you will never use this right! After all, a dog is not a commodity that you can simply return to the store if it "lose its attraction." They quickly become attached to the new owners, and their return to the shelter becomes for them a severe psychological injury.

The first possible difficulties

- dog does not accustomed to the toilet outside;
- dog whines at nights;
- dog does not carry out commands, etc .;

In some cases when the dog is left at home alone, it starts to chew and break everything what can get.

You should not expect that the dog will behave perfectly in the first days of residence in your home. These dogs exist, but you should not count on an ideal.

You will need patience and endurance, and, what is the most important, a great love for the dog. And if you have patience you will know how grateful the animals taken from a shelter are! You will be proud of yourself and your pet!

You can always seek the assistance from our shelter in dealing with behavioral issues.
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