Shelter for homeless animals "PIF"

Donetsk city, Ukraine

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“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. Matthew 25:40

Friends, we are pleased to welcome you to the website of Donetsk City Charitable Foundation "PIF!"

Our organization was established on 22 July 2005 (registration number 12661070001010585). Victoria Vasileva is a Director of the shelter. The shelter is located on the territory of the former motor company. The land area was allocated to the shelter by the Donetsk city administration and its area is about 1.43 hectares.

The shelter does not receive any government subsidies. "PIF" Foundation and its pets are financed from expense of the founders, volunteers and patrons. Today, there are about 800 dogs and puppies constantly live in the shelter. Each of our pets had a very cruel school of life. Some of the animals we found on streets, where they had been thrown by their former owners, many of them were born on streets, others have been thrown to us, a lot of animals came to the shelter wounded and injured.

The shelter abides the standards of humane animal birth control. From 2011 till 2015 on the base of the shelter the program as for humane control of stray animal population (CSCV) has been implemented: Catching. Sterilization. Chipping. Vaccination against rabies and issue animals into a former habitat. Due to this program the city reduced the number of stray dogs at the 30% (8,000 dogs had been sterilized).

Unfortunately the program was closed through the military action in our city. Unfortunately, military action has led to the increasing of stray dogs at the streets of our city in several times. Mostly due to the abandoned animals, when their former owners had left in a rush homes through the military action.

So now more than ever, the resumption of the program is a vital. In addition to CSCV program our shelter is the implementer of a free veterinary care, thanks to it we managed to save the lives of about 4,000 homeless animals. Our organization together with volunteers does a great job of finding for pets caring and loving owners.

Through this work thousands of animals live in new families not only in Donetsk, but all over Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Our Foundation is a very active in promoting of the humane treatment of animals and promotion of mongrel dogs as household pets. We initiate and lobby for the adoption the law "About protection of animals", and mandatory registration of all pets.

We organize various social and charity events, such as: "Donetsk paws", "The Measure of Love", exhibition of mongrel dogs "Cup of PIF", dog training "Friend" and many others. Our plans include the implementation of projects for the education of guide dogs and сanis-therapists.

It seems impossible to do all what is written above. But possibilities appear when there is a desire. We, the organizers and volunteers of the shelter for homeless animals "PIF" are united by a desire to make this world a more tolerant and kinder.

You may complain about the inaction of state structures in relation of stray animals, you may sympathize the kitten or puppy weeping in the pouring rain in a cold autumn night and then go away, and of course you can generally shrug off this problem...

But you can at least try to do something and to realize something small which will turn into something great. We want that our hometown and favorite city Donetsk, the city where million roses bloom, became a city marked by such qualities as mercy, compassion and humanity.

We hope for your help and support, and we invite you to work together.
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