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Donetsk city, Ukraine

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Sooner or later practically all of us think that it would be better to acquire a cat or a dog. And we begin to seek out a pet. It is often desirable, that it was not simply a four-footed friend, but a certain confirmation of our status: a pure-bred cat with deserving genealogy or a dog - a potential champion and possessor of various titles.

We search for such animals on announcements, join clubs, wait for a kitten or a puppy for months, spend much money on them, and then proudly tell friends about their successes and achievements. In fact it is our success, our achievements!

And somewhere at this time there live animals with quite another fate. They do not have titles and regalia, the genealogy of many of them began in basement of a many- storeyed building, and the majority of these animals never knew a loving owner.

Each of them has its own story. Some of them lost an owner by chance, others never had him….

A shabby cat, sitting on a fence under dank rain, used to be a replete cat with glossy hair. His old, lonely owner used to buy him tasty morsels from her pension, and every evening she used to scratch her pet’s ear and to speak with him.

They were so lucky together! And then an old woman died. And the cat does not understand now why some strange people keep him away from the house where he was happy and where it was warm and nice!

Every day a dog with hollow sides comes to the same place. Here it saw the owners for the last time. And now it dawdles here in any weather, coming to the rare passers-by with a hope: « If it is him! Maybe he has changed, in fact much time has already passed».

The dog does not understand that it was betrayed. It does not simply know how it is to betray a friend.

If animals were able to talk, they would tell about human cruelty, frivolity, treachery. But they are not able to speak.

And animals betrayed by people plod on life, hanging down head, evading kicks and interrogatively peeping into the eyes of casual passers-by.

Do you think, they ask for a handout? No! Pitiless life taught them to find scanty subsistence. They search for love, they still trust people.

It doesn’t matter why they appeared in the street: whether it happened because of tragic chance or human cruelty, homeless animals believe to the end that one day their Man will appear, will pat them affectionately on withers or will scratch their ear and will say: « Hey, friend, let’s go home».

Maybe, you are that Man? Think, do you really need genealogies, titles, cups and medals? Enter the shelter for homeless animals and look in their eyes. Maybe, it’s here that a true, devoted and unselfish friend waits for you?
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